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Why wedding photography reviews
are so important to me?

Wedding photography reviews are very important for every wedding photographer. You can write a lot about yourself and your work. Obviously, these will be the same superlatives. Cause who would write badly about themselves? However, reality always verifies everything. The reviews are designed to anticipate this reality, which means when you decide to work with me, you know in advance what to expect.

Reviews are important because

Firstly, such reviews are valuable rewards for me. It is the culmination of my work “in the field” and at a later stage – photo processing. They also provide motivation for further work. They show my work is needed and appreciated.

Secondly, they show customer satisfaction, and I don’t assume any other option. In my work, I always give 100% of myself, which translates into the aforementioned satisfaction. Laughter, joy, tears – such emotions often accompany viewing my photos. And here I can’t find words to express how much it means to me as a photographer.

Thirdly, thanks to the reviews, my next clients can find out at least a little bit about me and how cooperation with me looks like and what they can expect. Of course, I can tell them myself, but my credibility increases when they can read it in the comments left by previous clients.

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Below is what my latest lovely couples have to say . . .

Your Review of my wedding photography


I would love to add your review above. In order to do that, I need to capture your wedding first.

When I photograph your wedding and I provide the photos, I will ask you to leave a short feedback. For you, it is only a moment of writing, and what you write means a lot to me. Wedding photography reviews matter!

I have no doubt that your opinion will be positive. Why? Because I do my job earnestly. I have a peculiar sense of humour and like to joke around, but I take my work very seriously. I am a specific person. And what we agree, it will be. I am punctual. Even for a funeral (I also photographed) I am not late, although my client could wait easily.

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