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The wedding photography prices and packages you see on this page are up to date. However, I can change them at any time. And they certainly won’t be lower. Although, sometimes I offer a promotion and it’s worth taking advantage of it then.

My prices are neither low nor high. I also don’t want them to be the lowest on the market. As a result, you can easily find a cheaper wedding photographer, but also more expensive. And there are plenty of photographers! Anyone with a camera is a photographer today.

My offer is not for you if you are guided solely by price when choosing a photographer.

I am a professional photographer and the price you pay, you pay for my work and experience. Consequently, my wedding photography prices include many components, such as insurance, depreciation of equipment, and many various costs that I incur in connection with running my own business, etc.

By choosing one of my wedding photography packages

you are guaranteed a reliable, responsible and professional approach to the entrusted task. I know how important is your Big Day for you.

By choosing one of my wedding photography prices

you pay not only for taking photos and my time but first of all for a memorable keepsake that will be seen by the next generations.

During the May promotion, each package includes

an additional hour of coverage & 100 extra photos.

* * *
Please note that this promotion is subject to change or cancellation at any time.



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Wedding photography prices and packages​

The wedding photography prices displayed on the website are valid, meaning you’ll pay exactly what you see in the price list. However, please note that prices are subject to change at any time, either upwards or downwards.

– This applies to bookings for 2024, 2025, and the first half of 2026.
– A 20% booking fee is required to secure the date.
– Depending on the location, travel costs may apply.

Have you ever thought that when you pay a photographer for his services, you are actually buying something that will last for many years, maybe even centuries?

How much is such a product worth?

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Before you contact me, be sure that my style of photography suits you. Weddings photos can be viewed on this page. Please also visit other my website if you want to see other of my photos.

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