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Send me a message proposing your price, i.e. how much and for what you want to pay.
This offer is valid till the end of August.

Special offer № 2
Buy the "Full Day" package and receive a 50% discount for the engagement / pre-wedding photoshoot.
The photoshoot takes place on another day than your wedding.

* * *
The prices, special offers and discounts can be changed at any time.
- Applies to bookings 2022, 2023 and 2024.
- A 30% deposit is required to guarantee the booking.
- Depending on the location, travel costs may apply.
I'm flexible and can tailor the conditions and packages to your needs.
I can provide a monthly payment option as well.

* * *
By choosing my offer, you are guaranteed a reliable, responsible and professional approach to the entrusted task. I know how important is your Big Day for you.
By choosing my offer, you pay not only for taking photos and my time but first of all for a memorable keepsake that will be seen by the next generations.

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