Pre-wedding Photo Shoot In Wales


Is a pre-wedding photo shoot necessary?

If you are wondering if you need a pre-wedding or engagement photo shoot, I will say no. Similarly, you don’t need a photographer at your wedding. Instead of paying a photographer, you can spend money on decorations, flowers, a DJ, food, etc. In effect food will be digested and …, flowers will droop, and decorations will no longer be needed. Subsequently, no one will remember what the flowers looked like and what was on the plates.

Whereas, if there is a photographer at the wedding, he will capture everything in pictures. Years later, looking at these pictures, you will be able to refresh your memory and in the pictures, you will stay beautiful and young forever.

Basically, I think the photographer at the wedding is someone really important, and maybe even the most important. Not because I’m a photographer. I think so because the result of the photographer’s work is timeless.

An additional advantage of a pre-wedding photo shoot, not only in Wales, is the opportunity to get to know each other. You can also see how the photographer works, who will be present at your wedding afterwards.

Is the photo shoot stressful?

Absolutely not. At least when I photograph and the pre-wedding photo shoot will take place in Wales.

To someone who doesn’t like to pose, it may seem like a nightmare. In fact, I don’t like posing either. I hate posing in front of the camera and I don’t like posed photos. That’s why I always ask my “models” to just be themselves.

The photos below, in fact, it was a lens test. Every photographer has to buy a new lens from time to time. I decided to test it on people as I always do.

I persuaded Maciek and Martyna to do a photo shoot in Porthkerry in South Wales. A couple in love plans a wedding in the near future, therefore we called our session the pre-wedding photo shoot.


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