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What is this natural wedding photography?

When talking about natural wedding photography, you can use synonyms such as candid or relaxed. Personally, I prefer the term “journalistic photography” or “documentary photography”. Therefore, I understand such photography as documenting reality. In this case, it is a few hours on the wedding day.

My goal is to tell the story of that day. I show what happened before, during and after the ceremony. I’m literally everywhere, and I’m photographing interesting moments. Furthermore, I try to capture unique moments and accompanying emotions. This is the so-called unposed photography. This is not always successful, because very often when someone photographed notices that I’m looking at him through my lens, immediately stand at attention and … pose.

Did I manage to tell the story of the wedding day? Check out the photos below and judge yourself.

Natural wedding photography

Natural wedding photography involves capturing candid and spontaneous moments throughout the wedding day without directing or interfering too much. The aim is to tell a story of the day, documenting the emotions, details, and interactions between the couple, their families, and guests. Here are some key elements to understanding this kind of photography.

Natural wedding shots often involve a documentary-style approach, where the photographer captures candid moments as they happen. This involves being observant, patient, and anticipating important moments that are worth photographing.

The best natural wedding photographs capture the emotions of the day, from the love between the couple to the joy and happiness of family and friends. Understanding how to connect with people and create a comfortable atmosphere for them to express their emotions is crucial in capturing natural, authentic moments.

Natural wedding photography typically involves minimal post-processing. The idea is to keep the images looking authentic and natural, while still ensuring that the images are sharp and well-exposed.

* * *

Natural wedding photography is about capturing the beauty of the wedding day in a way that is honest and genuine. It’s about telling a story through images, capturing moments as they happen, and creating a visual record of one of the most important days in a couple’s life.

Natural wedding photography in South Wales

Myddfai is a picturesque village in Wales surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Brecon Beacons National Park. I didn’t know such a village existed. I could discover it while backpacking in the park. The purpose of my wanderings is to explore and admire new places. This time, however, the goal was more important – to photograph Louise and Spencer’s wedding in this Wales village. They chose me as their photographer because they liked my natural wedding pictures.

And, if you also like my photos, and you are looking for a photographer, please contact me immediately. And remember, I shoot not only in South Wales.

Author of photos and text: Tom Zelinsky – Your Wedding Photographer

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Thomas & Roxanne

Wedding in Llandovery, South Wales

Bride and groom's hands and the handfasting ceremony celebrant in the background

Stan & Dawn Marie

Handfasting, West Devon

The bride and groom stay on the stairs and look at each other

Peter & Roshni

Micro wedding in Cardiff, South Wales