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Micro Wedding

Micro wedding photography In South Wales

Micro Wedding

Micro wedding photography in Cardiff – Peter and Roshni’s wedding

Without a doubt, it was the micro wedding, with pandemic restrictions so severe in Wales that even micro wedding photography was not allowed. The number of guests at the ceremony was limited to witnesses. Presumably, such restrictions were only in Wales.

We compensated for this inconvenience with a photoshoot in front of City Hall and in a nearby park. The photoshoot lasted a bit longer than originally planned. As a result, I also provided more photos than we agreed.

Although I prefer spontaneous, unposed photos, the bride had a few ideas, which obviously we implemented. You can see her ideas captured in some of the photos.

The wedding I mentioned on this page took place in Cardiff. But I don’t shoot just in Wales. My micro wedding photography is not limited to this region.

In the gallery below, I present only a few selected photos.

My micro wedding photography

Basically, it doesn’t matter to me what we call it. The number of guests doesn’t matter either. However, the bigger the wedding is and the more guests present, the more things happen. Just like in a movie – the action takes place in multiple threads in different parts of the venue. Obviously, the leading roles play the bride and groom, but there are also actors whose importance we cannot overlook. Hence, I can create more diverse photos at a larger wedding. But this doesn’t mean that I’ll take worse photos at a smaller wedding. My approach is always the same, and the most important is that my shooting style suits you.

What Is A Micro wedding

It is an intimate and more personalized event that allows the couple to focus on what matters most to them while still incorporating traditional elements of a wedding ceremony and reception. Micro weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their flexibility, affordability, and the desire for more intimate gatherings. They may be held in a variety of venues, including private homes, restaurants, outdoor settings, or unique locations, and they often feature personalized touches, and unique food and drink options.

If you’re looking for a micro wedding photography…

…there are many talented photographers to choose from. Here are a few tips to help you find the right photographer for your needs:

Firstly, research photographers who specialize in micro wedding photography or intimate weddings. Look at their portfolios and reviews to get a sense of their style and experience.

Secondly, consider your budget and make sure the micro wedding photography prices are within your range. 

Thirdly, ask about the photographer’s availability on your wedding date and make sure they are willing to travel to your wedding location if necessary.

Fourthly, make sure you feel comfortable with the photographer and that you trust them to capture the special moments of your wedding day.

Finally, consider Your Wedding Photographer.

Author of photos and text: Tom Zelinsky – Your Wedding Photographer

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