Micro Wedding

Peter and Roshni's Micro wedding

Micro Wedding

Micro wedding photograhy in Wales

The wedding I mention on this page took place in Cardiff. But I don’t shoot just in Wales.

It was undoubtedly the micro wedding with Covid-19 restrictions so severe in Wales that even photography was not allowed. The number of guests at the ceremony was limited to witnesses. Presumably, such restrictions were only in Wales.

We compensated for this inconvenience with a photoshoot in front of City Hall and in a nearby park. The photoshoot lasted a bit longer than originally planned. As a result, I also provided more photos than we agreed.

Although I prefer spontaneous, unposed photos, the bride had a few ideas, which of course we implemented. I couldn’t refuse. You can see her ideas captured in some of the photos.

In the gallery below I present only a few selected photos.


12 May 2021

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Micro wedding is a relative term and everyone can interpret it individually. For one it will be four people, for someone else twenty or fifty people. Basically, it doesn’t matter to me what we call it. The number of guests doesn’t matter either. However, the bigger the wedding is and the more guests present, the more things happen. Just like in a movie – the action takes place in multiple threads in different parts of the venue. Obviously, the leading roles play the bride and groom, but there are also other actors whose importance we cannot overlook. Hence I can create more diverse photos at a larger wedding. However, this doesn’t mean that I’ll take worse photos at a smaller wedding. My approach is always the same and the most important is that my shooting style suits you.

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