Handfasting Photography


Amazing photography reportage from the handfasting

You can see some photos below and read more about handfasting on Wikipedia. I also read this. I photographed such a ceremony first time and I wanted to learn more about it before. When I read about the Celtic handfasting ceremony, it seemed mysterious and magical to me. It was in reality.

Anyway, every time I look into the viewfinder of my camera, amazing things happen there. Ever I take the photos, I’m focused on …photographing and I’m not affected by external stimuli. I don’t pay attention to what’s outside the frame, although my eyes are around my head. It’s hard to tell but I’m running amok.

When I returned home after finishing work, basically I didn’t remember the individual frames I had captured. All I really remember it was a very hot day. The next day, when I looked at the pictures on the monitor, I was delighted with what I saw. Magic happened!

The photos made up a short but wonderful story of the handfasting ceremony. That was my aim: to create a short photo reportage.
I always take pictures so-called official. However, the best ones, in my opinion, are the unposed, natural ones. I can then capture natural behaviour and real emotions. The most interesting photos I can take when I manage to go unnoticed when no one pays attention to me.

How to recognize unposed photos taken during as well the handfasting ceremony as other events?

It’s very easy. Look at my photos and see when people do not look into the camera because they are busy with something else and more important.
I’ll tell you a secret. As can be seen, you don’t have to look into my lens so I could take a great picture. But quite the opposite. Do not look! It’s important to realize that the photographer will take a good picture without seeing your eyes. Moreover, you don’t need to see the photographer either. When you see the photos afterwards, as a result, you will be positively surprised by what you see.

I’m a photographer and didn’t think I’d have to talk about handfasting photography and photos overall and describe them. In fact, I used to write a book, but now I photograph and tell stories with photos. However, it turns out that there must be some text on this page for Google to like my photos. Therefore I wrote a few words. I believe that with or without the text, you will enjoy my photos, dear recipient of this content.

Stan and Dawn Marie – Short story of the handfasting ceremony.
West Devon, summer 2021


16 July 2021

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