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Engagement Photoshoot Wales


Engagement Photoshoot Wales - On The Beach

We originally planned to hold the engagement photoshoot Wales in Rossili Bay. Finally, we chose Dunraven Bay, a bit closer to Cardiff. A few months after this session, I had the pleasure of capturing Aaron and Regina’s wedding.

Before each photoshoot and each wedding photograph, I am a little stressed. After a while, this state passes. My models also have a little stress before the shoot. It was no differences in this case. We went over some details, I showed Aaron and Regina some of my favourite photos from similar shoots… And it started! They forgot what nerves and stage fright are and started going wild on the beach, and I could barely keep up with them.

It got dangerous when we got in the water. I had to be very careful with the camera. But the photos I took were worth the risk.

Result of our beach engagement photoshoot Wales

I used above the term “models”. Therefore, they’re models because I photograph them. Sometimes I give them little tips to make them look better in the photo. Generally, I try not to interfere and capture the existing reality. Hence, my goal is always to get natural frames. I think these are the most interesting and true. See, e.g. two black and white photos in the gallery. I can’t imagine how I could direct such shots. I am especially pleased with these photos. However, Aaron and Regina are largely responsible for their creation during our beach engagement photoshoot Wales. To be honest, I was surprised by their spontaneity and laid-back nature. Evidently, that was a side effect of drinking an engagement bottle of wine.

I am happy with the photos I took. My “models” are happy as well, and their satisfaction is very important to me.

What is the importance of engagement photography?

Is an engagement session necessary? I can answer: yes and no. There are more positive answers. Let’s look at some reasons why it is worth participating in the engagement photoshoot.

A pre-wedding or engagement photoshoot Wales (or beyond) is a good idea because the engagement photos will be a great keepsake for many years after the wedding, not only for you, but also for your children.

Engagement is once in a lifetime! This is the only such moment before starting a family. It’s great to have photos to show your kids. Engagement is part of your love story, it’s worth having an engagement session, just as it’s worth having wedding or maternity photos and then family sessions. These stages of your relationship require separate sessions for your family archive to be impressive.

Above all, meeting the photographer is excellent fun. You’re probably wondering, am I sure? Obviously, It depends on the photographer you choose. So you will choose a photographer who does engagement photography in your style, which guarantees a good atmosphere during the session.

Engagement photoshoot Wales

Wondering if Wales is a good place for an engagement session? Yes, undoubtedly Wales can be a great choice! Especially if you live here. Although, I have already photographed weddings of people who came to Wales specifically for this.
Finally, the choice of location depends on your preferences.

Author of photos and text: Tom Zelinsky – Your Wedding Photographer

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