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Couple Photoshoot

Couple Photoshoot


Couple Photoshoot

A couple photoshoot is a photography session that focuses on capturing the romantic and intimate moments between two people in a relationship, usually engaged, married or just dating.

Before the session, I work with the couple to choose a location. Then I capture a series of images that convey their love and affection for each other. I’m sure couple photoshoots are a fun and memorable way for couples to celebrate their relationship and capture special moments together. They are also a great way to create lasting memories that can be cherished for years to come.

Couple Photoshoot
- Karol & Martyna On The Beach In Wales

I talked to a lot of people about this, and many of them are afraid of the camera. Almost every couple is ashamed to take part in a photoshoot. This is especially true for the male half of the couple. Many say they don’t like photos because they are unphotogenic or get stressed during the session. Well, not everyone is Marilyn Monroe or Brad Pitt. I don’t like being photographed either, but I like to have memorable photos.

Take a look at these photos below. Does this couple look stressed? Definitely not, although they were a little on the beginning. We chatted for a while and I told them what to do. I said just be yourself. That they are supposed to walk, laugh, embrace, etc., and I will be somewhere at the side. Then I told them to dance and fool around. The couple regretted not bringing a bottle of wine to the photoshoot. But it was still fun and I took some cool pictures.

My aim is always to get natural photos. Whether I photograph a wedding or a couple like this one, my approach to photography is the same.

Couple Photoshoot As Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

This couple photoshoot can be treated as a pre-wedding shoot. The undoubted advantage of a pre-wedding shoot is getting to know each other. It will probably also help you get used to the camera and reduce stress during the wedding. Although, as I wrote earlier, I am a documentary wedding photographer. It means I try to be invisible and not interfere with the existing reality. I just take (or make) photos.

If you read this and look at my photos, I am very curious if you like them. Obviously, I’d love to know your opinion. You can like/follow my Facebook page and comment some pictures. I’ll be really glad. And if you’ll need a photographer, you can easily contact me.


Author of photos and text: Tom Zelinsky – Your Wedding Photographer

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