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Simply complete the contact form and Your Wedding Photographer will be back in touch very soon by email with his availability.
You can also call me, although I can only sometimes answer the phone. Therefore, the fastest and most reliable way is to contact me via the contact form.

In addition, by contacting me, Your Wedding Photographer, via the contact form, you provide me with the necessary information that I need to give you a reliable answer. The more I know about your wedding, the easier it is for me.

I keep our correspondence in the archive, which allows me to come back to it at any time, check it and formulate additional questions if necessary. This is especially important when I shoot a lot of weddings.

Be sure to…

…Your Wedding Photographer style of shooting suits you. Therefore check out his work beforehand.
You can also visit his other website.


I am currently taking bookings for 2023 and 2024. The sooner you book me the better. You’ll be able to tick off one to-do, and I’ll be better able to plan my time. For various reasons, it may happen that you need a photographer on short notice. Do not hesitate to contact me and check out my availability.

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