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I am a Cardiff wedding photographer, yet I frequently work beyond the city’s borders. Interestingly, despite residing in the heart of Wales, I’ve captured only a few weddings in Cardiff. If you need a photographer for your wedding, anywhere in the UK or abroad, please get in touch.

Travelling isn’t an issue for me; in fact, it allows me to explore new destinations and connect with diverse individuals. While I could share numerous tales from my journeys, this moment is about finding the perfect photographer for your wedding day.

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Simply complete the contact form and Your Cardiff Wedding Photographer will be back in touch very soon by email with his availability.
You can also call me, although I can only sometimes answer the phone. Therefore, the fastest and most reliable way is to contact me via the contact form.

For me, as a wedding photographer, it is important to have written communication with you because it provides several benefits, such as clear communication and documentation.

Written communication provides a clear and concise record of what was discussed between you and me. This can help to avoid misunderstandings and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Having written communication allows me to keep a record of important details such as the date and time of the wedding, the location, and the specific services that I will be providing. This can be helpful for both of us in case any questions or issues arise later on.

Our correspondence allows me to come back to it at any time, check it, and formulate additional questions if necessary. This is especially important when I shoot a lot of weddings.

As a professional photographer, I need clear and concise information and ensure that everything runs smoothly on the wedding day.

Your Wedding Photographer style…

I define my photography style as journalistic and documentary. I specialize in capturing fleeting moments that often reveal their essence only through photographs. I’ve elaborated on this style extensively across various sections of my website. However, the best way to truly understand my photography style is to explore my portfolio and see the photos for yourself.

Be sure Cardiff wedding photographer style of shooting suits you. Therefore, check out his work beforehand.
You can also visit his other website.

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While I was engrossed in capturing fleeting moments, the bride’s sister photographed me. Subsequently, I took a picture of that moment, essentially capturing myself in the act of taking photos.

Paula, the bride, contacted me and booked through Facebook Messenger.

Booking Cardiff Wedding Photographer

I am currently accepting bookings for 2024 and 2025. The earlier you book, the better. This helps you secure your date while allowing me to plan accordingly. There might be instances where you require a photographer on short notice. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and verify my availability.

While I am not officially booking for 2026, this could change. If you’re planning a 2026 wedding, feel free to get in touch. Let’s discuss possibilities and see what arrangements can be made.