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Wedding photographer about himself in a few words

My name is Tom and I am a wedding photographer, however shoot not only weddings. Generally, the camera accompanies me always and everywhere. I also took it to Siberia to see if it would survive at -40°C. The camera has survived. Me too. And now I can photograph your wedding, where the atmosphere will be much warmer.

Every photographer has taken his first picture once. I did that too and took it with a film camera. I was 9 years old then. Hard to believe how fast time flies! But I still have my first photos.

Today, I enjoy making my clients’ dream photoshoots of events such as Weddings, Jewish Purims, Birthdays, Vow Renewal and Hen Parties become a reality. Unfortunately, not all photos can be presented to the public. But I believe all the photos I took for my clients will last as long as my first one. And they will be an unusual keepsake.

Your Wedding Photographer and his style

My style? Let my photos tell you about my style of photography. I will only add that I prefer natural, unposed photos. Only such photos best show emotions and feelings.

I am not afraid of any travel. I often shoot in different locations. If you are planning your wedding on the Moon, no problem. Just let me know a few days in advance. In this case, you will pay for my travel and hotel expenses. However, the room must be obligatory with a view of the Earth.

Finally, I must say that I have a peculiar sense of humour. I smile once a week, on Saturday. However, I am unable to specify the time. Therefore, if you want me to photograph your wedding, book me as Your Wedding Photographer for the whole day. Then there is a high probability of seeing my smile.

How Your Wedding Photographer Works


In a nutshell, my work is as follows



If I have availability on the day you are interested in, we work out the details and you book me, i.e. Your Wedding Photographer



A few days before I send you a reminder about your wedding. I arrive at the agreed time and photograph. In fact, I'm always there a little earlier. During the time we agreed, you'll see me taking pictures everywhere.



Depending on the number of photos, I need a few days to edit. However, sometimes this process takes much longer. This is the part of my work where you won't see me.

If you have any questions just contact me

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