Hello, I'm Tom.
I'm a freelance photographer.

I photograph not only weddings. Generally, the camera accompanies me always and everywhere. I also took it to Siberia (photo above) to see if it would survive at -40°C. The camera has survived and now I can photograph your wedding, where the atmosphere will be much warmer.
If you'd like to see some of my photos from Lake Baikal in Siberia, you can do it here: Expedition to Lake Baikal
I took my first picture at the age of 9 with a film camera. I was 9 years old a long time ago. Hard to believe how fast time flies! But I still have my first photos.
I have been professionally involved in photography for several years. The website you are watching now was created this year. In fact, it is just emerging. However, I have already decided to publish it and I'll develop it.
Although the website is not ready yet, I'm still ready to go. If you need a wedding photographer please contact me.
I enjoy making my clients’ dream photoshoots of events such as Weddings, Jewish Purims, Birthdays, Vow Renewal and Hen Parties become a reality. Unfortunately, not all photos can be presented to the public. But I believe all the photos I took for my clients will last as long as my first one. And they will be an unusual keepsake.

I'm not afraid of any travel. It doesn't have to significantly increase the cost of my services. Unless you are planning your wedding on the Moon. In this case, you'll pay for my travel and hotel expenses. The room must be obligatory with a view of the Earth.
By the way, I have to think about a photoshoot on the Moon. Maybe also on Mars... Or a wedding photoshoot on the frozen Lake Baikal. Nothing is impossible. Especially that I organize from time to time trips to Siberia.

You can see some of my other photos on my other websites:
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