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Aaron & Regina

Wales Beach Engagement Photoshoot, Pre-Wedding Photography

Thomas & Roxanne

Natural Wedding Photographer, Reportage Wedding Photographer Wales

Robin & Ella
Festival Wedding

Festival Style Wedding in Glastonbury, Candid and Natural Wedding Photography, Reportage Wedding Photography

Stan & Dawn Marie

Handfasting Ceremony in West Devon, Candid and Relaxed Wedding Photography, Handfasting Photography

Spencer & Louise

Natural Wedding Photography in Wales, Wedding Photography in Myddfai

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Engagement Shot, Pre-Wedding Photography Wales, Wedding Photographer Cardiff

Fred & Tasmin
Micro Wedding

Micro Wedding in Bristol, Wedding Photographer Wales and Beyond, Candid Wedding Photography

Lee & Dorina

Wedding in Swinfen Hall Hotel in Lichfield, Wedding Photographer Staffordshire

Get to know your wedding photographer Wales & beyond

I am not an award-winning wedding photographer Wales. However, I have not applied for any award yet. I have never paid for any prize in the past, and I have no intentions of doing so in the future. It’s crucial to understand that, in most cases, awards for wedding photographers or competitions are paid opportunities. I choose not to pursue them.

As a photographer, the most valuable and rewarding accolade I can receive is the sheer satisfaction of my clients. Witnessing their unbridled contentment manifest itself in laughter, joy, or even tears as they gaze at my artistry is profoundly gratifying. Evoking such genuine emotions through my photographs is not just a goal but an intrinsic part of my artistic vision.

The process of editing photos on the computer is also emotionally rewarding for me. It allows me to nostalgically relive those precious moments I skilfully captured with the bride, groom, and their cherished guests. To elicit such heartwarming emotions during my meticulous editing process, I must first ensure that I capture those authentic and fleeting moments during the wedding itself. There is no other path to achieve this unparalleled level of authenticity than through the art of immersive photojournalism and capturing those ephemeral instances as they organically unfold in front of my lens.

Wedding Photographer Wales & Photography Style

My style of photography can be described as a reportage style, focusing on capturing candid moments and authentic emotions. Moreover, not only do I use synonymous terms like journalistic, natural, or candid to characterize my work, but I also strive to showcase the genuine essence of the subjects.

In general, my photos can be described as ‘not posed,’ portraying people in their natural states without forced expressions. Furthermore, there are times when, to achieve the intended effect, I’ll kindly ask you to pose for a specific shot. Rest assured, in such instances, I will advise, guide, and set you up in the right way, ensuring that the posed elements blend seamlessly with the overall candid atmosphere of the shoot. So, there’s no need to worry, as it doesn’t hurt and isn’t stressful.

Additionally, being an experienced photographer in capturing candid moments, I have honed my ability to anticipate and seize those fleeting instances that reveal the most genuine and touching emotions. As a result, this approach not only yields captivating photographs but also provides a unique storytelling aspect to each image, creating a timeless and cherished memory for you to hold on to.

Wedding Photographer Wales - Cardiff & South Wales & Beyond

Based in Cardiff, South Wales, I am a wedding photographer who frequently works in other areas as well. Moreover, I am available to travel to capture your big day, regardless of the location.

Notably, have you heard about the Trans-Siberian Railway? It holds the record for being the longest railway line in the world, stretching over 5,772 miles. As a matter of fact, I have had the opportunity to ride this train multiple times, which has made me unafraid of any travel adventures.

As you navigate through this website, you will come across a selection of photos from several recent weddings and engagements that I had the privilege of capturing. Furthermore, if my style resonates with you, and you wish for me to be your dedicated wedding photographer, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Rest assured that I am well-equipped to accommodate your wedding photography needs, regardless of the location or scale of the event. Consequently, feel free to get in touch, and let’s discuss how we can make your special day even more memorable through the art of photography.



Wedding Photography Reviews

Undeniably, there is no better reward for me than receiving heartfelt feedback from my clients. Consequently, their opinions hold immense significance, and they are undeniably essential to me. Allow me to elaborate on why client reviews matter so much to my work.

First and foremost, the insights and comments shared by my clients offer invaluable feedback that helps me continually improve and refine my skills as a photographer. Additionally, client reviews serve as a testament to the quality and dedication I put into each and every wedding I photograph. Furthermore, by understanding my clients’ experiences, I can better tailor my approach to meet and exceed their expectations and preferences for future assignments.

Obviously, if I am fortunate enough to be chosen as your wedding photographer, I will kindly request a short comment from you after the event. This serves not only as a way to express your thoughts and emotions about the photography process but also provides future couples with genuine and authentic testimonials from someone who has experienced my services firsthand.

However, I encourage you, before making your decision, to take a moment and read the glowing reviews posted by previous clients. By doing so, you can gain a deeper appreciation for the kind of magical experiences and exceptional results my photography has consistently delivered in the past.

Before you finalize your choice and select me as your photographer, I would like to warmly invite you to explore my extensive portfolio on this website and also visit my other dedicated portfolio for a more comprehensive and enchanting view of my work. This will allow you to immerse yourself in the diverse range of enchanting moments and tender emotions I have masterfully captured throughout various weddings and engagements.